Monday, July 20, 2009


People that know me know that I am a great lover of genealogy - perhaps obsessed is a better description. It doesn't even have to be my own genealogy - anyone's genealogy is interesting to me. I think about hearing my Granny Vance talk to me about her growing up in Owensville - living on the farm, going to the nearby school, attending "singings," family get-togethers and wonder why I was not interested when she was alive.
I can remember her telling me about she and Grandpa Vance's wedding. I cannot remember exactly what she said, but I do remember that it was not just a wedding but a huge community outing. She said people came to her parents' home, some stayed overnight. I have never been able to figure out (since I did not ask her) where all these people stayed. The house was small - a dogtrot in the middle with a kitchen and living room on one side and a bedroom on the other. The house still stands and has been modernized some, but the front still looks the same. It still has a tin roof; the dogtrot has been closed it but you can still tell where it was. The chimney was falling down, and it was replaced with a french door and a small deck. I bet Grandpa Caldwell would have loved that deck. I do remember Granny telling me about his sitting on the front porch looking out over his pasture. I think she told me he had sheep as well as cattle. Oh, back to the wedding. She told me that everyone around came to the wedding.
I did not get interested in genealogy until just a few weeks after Granny Vance's death - after looking through some of her paperwork. She kept everything.
How I wish I had listened closer, written things down, maybe taped some of her talks with me. Nearly every time I said someone's name, she told me they were "kin." I laughed as I knew everyone could not be "kin." Well, I have found out that about everyone who lived in western Saline County is "kin" and some of them were even on my mother's "side."
If you happen to read this, talk to your parents, your grandparents and write information down. You may find it interesting someday even if it sounds boring today!

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