Friday, January 4, 2013

This is me:
I am over 60
I am female
I am white
I am Christian
I am a Democrat
I am against assault rifles
I am against clips that carry over 10 shots
I don't always agree with unions
I believe in helping care for those who cannot care for themselves
I believe everyone has the right to health care (not just the healthy and wealthy)
I believe in a woman's right to choose (that does not mean that I am pro-abortion - it means it is none of my business what another woman decides)
I am for the after-morning pill for anyone who thinks she needs it
I am for men helping financially raise children they spawn (but I am against women who let a man think she is using birth control when she is not)
Rape is rape
I don't like people who scream from the mountaintops they are Christian but don't want to help their neighbor (or someone else's neighbor for that matter)
I believe in anyone being able to marry who they want to as long as the person is old enough and able to make decisions (not mentally challenged)

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