Friday, November 8, 2013

Denise's Scrapbook for Extra Credit 9th grade, Mrs. Lloyd

We have a scrapbook Denise put together in 1987 for Mrs. Lloyd, her English teacher for extra credit

May 7, 1987
I Flew
I soared threw [sic] the air, wings and all.
It was great! The pushing up into the sky.
It took me 19 days to get there, but I made it.
It was rough and deserted.
I saw the glow of a different body.
Looked like I could go touch it.
I had my map that I got at the observatory.
I saw the other side, because I went to see it.
To me it looked just like the side that glowed.
But more peaceful.
It was time to go.
I floated back through space.
Then got back in our orbit.
Back home again.

April 28, 1987
I'm a girl, not a boy
In kindergarten, everyone that [sic) she was a boy. It didn't bother her much then.
The little boys all liked her and they were her only friends.
In 3rd grade she saw all the girls giggling about the boys
All the boys said yuk. And she said yuk about liking the boys.
In 7th grade she was tired of being like a boy.
She began to notice them as guys.
But she kenw all the girls would laugh if they knew.
All the girls had boyfriends.
When she was in high school, she met a boy that no one knew.
She began to dress up.
She knew one day though she would show them.
At the 10 year reunion of her class everyone was surprised.
All the girls she envied in grade school envy her now.
She was a very pretty model.
She was the tom-boy of her old school.
[Patti: I can see that some of this was actually Denise writing about herself. She was a tomboy but always wanted to be beautiful like some of her friends. She was beautiful but did not see herself that way.]

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